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integr8: Speaking

Integr8 Founder Jaeneen Cunningham presents keynote speeches and breakout workshops on a variety of business topics based on networking techniques, social capital and collaboration to a range of organisations including;
  • University Alumni
  • Corporations
  • Business Leadership Groups
  • Industry Associations
  • Networking Groups

Jaeneen is an effective, unique and passionate speaker who uses every means available to make her message practical, powerful, thought-provoking and memorable for every seminar participant or conference delegate. Her natural ability to motivate others leaves her audience inspired to take action and execute ideas that ultimately create a positive impact

A comprehensive brochure detailing all somethings can be downloaded here

Contact by email or call her directly on 0431 343 918 to discuss your individual needs




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"Jaeneen is a dynamo for results! She delights with enthusiasm for connecting others for mutual benefit. A great host, facilitator and entertaining mover and shaker" Josephine Thomson
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