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integr8: Executive Village

To be truly effective, networking should create links from people you know to people they know in an organised way and for a specific purpose. The stronger the bonds between those links, the greater the flow of resources.

Social media and random networking are great for initiating contact but effective networks are strongly dependent on rich, durable  face-to-face contact which in time develop the trust and knowledge sharing that results in a genuine sense of reciprocity so that collaboration flows freely.
  More than 50% of executives believe collaboration "will either form an important part of their firmís competitive advantage or will actually be central to its survival over the next [several] years.Ē
   - The Economist

Often you are not aware of the knowledge you possess or how it can be valuable to others. Effective transfer of this tacit knowledge, knowledge that is complex and difficult to document, generally requires extensive personal contact and trust.

Executive Village
allows you to explore, engage, and connect with people in meaningful ways that helps locate and share resources. It facilitates the face-to-face processes of collaboration that helps you achieve real business results and personal goals. It creates connections, builds community and instills the practice of reciprocity with an emphasis on solutions.

Membership and participation in Executive Village:

  Knowledge that we have a hard time expressing to each other - tacit knowledge only becomes engaged and created in environments where there are longer term, trust-based relationships."
   - John Seely-Brown

Members of Executive Village meet over a premium working lunch at a quality venue in a board-room style format. Participation brings you into peer contact with expertise from diverse backgrounds. When coupled with the trust of membership, The Village fosters an environment ideal for innovation and the discovery and sharing of tacit knowledge.

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